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Service & Rates

As the owner of Right Path Massage and Fitness, Rosalie understands how complex the body is, and how unique each and every person is. For this reason, she provides a variety of services, in an individualized way, to accomodate every client. Working with people of all ages, Rosalie knows how to provide service in a consistent, beneficial, and enjoyable way. 
Rosalie accepts cash, check, credit card or venmo.   She is a provider for Summa Medicare Advantage and VA Veterans benefits.  If you have a flexible spending or health savings account, check with your provider to see if therapeutic massage is a covered service.   
$35 for 30 min
$65 for 60 min
$95 for 90 min
7% Sales tax is added unless you have a prescription
Benefits include: 
  • Increased circulation

  • Reduced chronic and dysfunctional muscle restrictions that interfere with optimum functioning

  • Decreased chronic pain

  • Decreased stress levels

  • Enhanced mental clarity

  • Improved appearance

  • Greater flexibility

  • Improved posture


Focus can be on a particular body region or on full body, depending on your needs.  It can be used to treat a repetitive strain injury, an acute strain, a chronic issue, or to prevent these, by addressing postural or ergonomic issues.  A combination of techniques are used including: swedish, trigger point, active and passive release, and deep tissue.


$35 for 30 min
$65 for 60 min
$95 for 90 min
7% Sales tax is added unless you have a prescription
Sports Massage is a type of massage designed for highly active people of all ages who push their bodies through sport and athletics. It enhances performance and prolongs a sports career by helping to prevent injury, reduce pain and swelling, relax the mind, and increase flexibility. It can help speed recovery from workouts and events, and thus allow the athlete to train harder and more consistently. In addition, massage can help the athlete understand his/her body better and help aid in the body's natural immune functions.


Sports massage can be beneficial in four different circumstances:

  • "Pre-event" -- a short, stimulating massage 15-45 minutes before the event; directed towards the areads of the body involved in the exertion.

  • "Post-event" - within an hour or two of the event, to help normalize the body's tissues. 

  • "Restorative" -- given during training to allow the athlete to train harder with less injury.

  • "Rehabilitative" -- aimed at alleviating pain due to injury and increasing blood flow and range of motion to the injured area.

Rosalie was trained as an Ohio Sports Massage Therapist and has been running for over 48 years.  

Chair massage is a popular way of relieving stress and releasing tension right at your workplace. You receive your massage in a specialized ergonomic chair, right over your clothing.  This type of work is good for treating upper body and back repetitive strain injuries and muscle tension headaches.  Chair massage sessions are usually shorter than traditional massage, making it convenient enough to fit into your busy schedule. Typical length is between 10 and 30 minutes. 
Vary based on location
Travel charge added/Minimum 2 hours per visit
As a Certified Health Coach, Rosalie understands that reaching your ultimate fitness or performance goals can only be done with a combination of behavior change, physical activity and nutrition management.   Rosalie has experience designing programs for a variety of individuals, from the elite athlete, to the weekend warrior, to the severly deconditioned. Her emphasis is on a complete program, incorporating functional strength and flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, nutitional recommendations and lifestyle tips to help every individual reach their highest fitness potential. Individual and small group rates are available. 
$65/hr for initial consulation
$45/hr for follow-up visit
*At Hiram location
*Onsite at your home or gym: Travel charge added
Interested in rewarding your employees for their hard work with a once per month chair massage? Do you have stressful seasons, such as tax time for an accounting firm where it would be nice for a massage therapist to come in and help relieve some of the office stress?


Would you like to reduce your companies health care costs and employee productivity by helping your employees to adopt healthier habits? How about some brown bag lunch educational seminars or an exercise contest? Do you have a spare room in the office that would be perfect for an exercise area and want some advice on how to set that up?  How about a lunch time walking club?


How about a "Girls Night Out". Get your girlfriends together, make a special appetizer and dinner, and offer massage to make it an extra special evening.


These are just some ideas of things Rosalie could offer. If you are interested, contact her via the Contact page and possible options can be discussed.

Vary per situation
Contact Rosalie for more details
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