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Rosalie sees clients in her Hiram office by appointment.  She has flexible hours because of clients work and athletic schedules.  


I first met Rosalie at a Health Fair held by the company that I work for.  I received a 15 minute chair massage and noticed almost immediately that massage therapy could benefit me.  I had gone through a neck fusion surgery the year prior, after suffering with cervical stenosis and myelopathy.  The surgery, a success, left me with limited range of motion due to muscle stiffness through out my entire body.  The restrictions in my movements left me unable to participate in my favorite sport, bowling.  With the help of Rosalie and regular massage therapy, she was able to loosen me up to the point that I am now back to bowling two nights a week.

                    - Mike Esposito, Client



Rosalie started providing massage therapy services for the Men's and Women's Varsity Track and Cross Country Teams in the  fall of 2011.  She worked closely with the athletic training staff to provide preventative and rehabilitative sports massage on athletes from all event areas.  She traveled with the track teams to meets to provide onsite pre and post event massage.  

Currently, she has hired several other massage therapists.  Together they provide massage services to the not only the Track Teams, but also the Men's and Women's basketball teams, the Men's Soccer team, the Women's Volleyball, Swimming and Tennis team's.

"Rosalie has been a true asset to our program.  She has worked with many of our student-athletes for prevention of injuries and recovery from injuries.  Her knowledge of sport and ability to relate to the athletes allows her to excel in their treatment.  Her background and demonstrated knowledge of sports medicine have also allowed her to interact with our entire sports medicine team to create an atmosphere of collaboration and holistic care."

                    -Bill Droddy, Director of Sports Medicine for the University of Akron



Starting in February, 2018, Rosalie has been offering an Industrial Athlete Program at the Saint-Gobain Norpro facility in Stow, Ohio.  She is available weekly for onsite massage therapy, exercise prescription, nutrition consults, and/or ergonomic assessments.  

"My company provides for Rosalie to visit once per week, not just for me, but several co-workers as well.  Definitely a great benefit!  She does a great job of working out any pains that I may have at the time of the appointment, as well as maintaining other areas to prevent the pain from coming back.  Very professional and efffective" 

                              - Rob Rose, Saint-Gobain Norpro, 2018



Rosalie has been working at Parker Hannifin in Ravenna, Ohio, since 2012.  She has taught functional training classes for employees in their onsite fitness center, has helped with their yearly "Road to Wellness" fitness and weight management contest, and has helped them to implement a daily stretching program.  She currently provides 30 or 60 minute table massages, by appointment in their Division Headquarters Therapy Room.  


"Rosalie has been making a difference at our facility for over 3 years.  As a personal trainer, she teaches functional fitness classes, and has raised the participation in the fitness room by assisting the employees in how to use the equipment properly. She has written a "Daily Stretch" program for each department in the facility that is designed to help the employee prepare for the physical requirements of the job and reduce repetitive strain injuries.  It is awesome to see over 300 people in the facility at some point during the day, stretching!  Her professional persona, education and practical experience make a great addition to our Team."   
                    - Jane Heim, Parker Hannifin HR Manager

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